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The Extraction

Paul was seated in the dental chair nervous and anxious biting his nails and not knowing what to expect from the X-rays that were performed earlier I'm an adult why am I acting like a child? "Get a grip, Paul, think about my upcoming vacation; focus man focus'. This is beyond belief, I do brush my teeth, floss, and use mouthwash this pain cannot and will not be a cavity that will require an excessive and expensive procedure that will deduct from my vacation budget. Paul sighs as he hears the exam door open.

The dental hygienist explains that she is preparing and positioning the chair for the exam. Paul gulps and squeaks out a soft okay. The doctor enters and introduces himself, Paul admits that he has been doing a terrific job with his dental care. Paul says, "doc am I in trouble"?

The doctor informs his assistant to position the exam lamp and shine the light on the problem area. As Jesus shines the light on your issue that cavity that's stuck in the gum of muck, the miry clay area that Paul does not want to let go of. Jesus says to Paul," some people may not want the spotlight shined on them but it is not for them or you to be the celebrity and you to gain all of the glory. That's one reason why you are here today. In vain you and others try to build a city without me and still want to attain heaven. this is not the method to use Paul, other than through Me there is no other way to reach heaven and the Father except through me.

Have you ever had a toothache and not know which tooth but could pinpoint the area? As it is with most people they know that something is not right but fail to go to the specific spot or cause of the thing that is hurting them. Some have issues with abandonment and being alone so they stay in unhealthy relationships, with friends, and associates. I want to assist you and others with the introspection of the issues and antiquated Babylonian (worldly) tower-building self-manifesting strongholds. The problem is, is that you don't think that you have a problem.

Hold on to the exam chair, this extraction may get rough and painful! Painful to all My sons and daughters, but it's for your own good. As some parents continue to say "this is going to hurt Me more than it hurts you".

To Be Continued!

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