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Meet Beverly 

It is a privilege by divine design orchestrated by the Master of the universe! Whose I am is of the most important adopted by God the Father as a daughter of the kingdom. A retired nurse, song writer, author, wife, mother and grandmother. As kingdom children we all wear several hats of gifts and talents. Again, I rejoice that you are here to fellowship in word and song! 

Our Mission

We were predestined to become sermon in shoes and inform others of the love of Christ Jesus our Savior. For God the Father "so loved" with and intensity and dedication that can never be duplicated, in that He sacrificed his only Son to die that we might have eternal life! Our mission to tell of that love and testify how He is daily transforming us into his image which is love!!! God is love and he desires all to know how devoted he is to them. Will you join us in our mission as we are together assigned to spread the Good News of Jesus' love. 

Women Holding Hands
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